Why IronCatch

Iron Catch supplement is the first in the world to increase iron consumption in the body. Iron Catch helps you overcome iron deficiency by absorbing the mineral from the food you are eating. With Iron Catch, you can expect:

Boosted iron levels within the first thirty days

Improved iron absorption by 3-5 times

Increased iron absorption without any side effects

How IronCatch is getting Globally Acclaimed

Increase Iron Absorption

Improve Values

Feel great

Improve iron absorption


Victoria Rabi, M.D. Member of American Medical Association; Member of Florida Medical Association, Member of American Medical Student Association; Member of AmeriClerkships Medical Society

"Many people suffer from iron deficiency anemia, but not all can undergo the currently available treatment due to its side effects. In fact, IronCatch is the only supplement that increases the absorption of natural iron from our diet. More importantly, it contains no iron and, as a result, has no side effects of iron and iron-based supplements. Its unique ingredients help support our immune system and increase necessary energy levels for daily activities. You will feel an increase in your energy levels in just two weeks, as well as positive changes in your blood iron test results in one month of daily intake. I believe this supplement makes life easier for so many people suffering from anemia."

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    What makes IronCatch unique

    IRON CATCH the only iron-free solution recommended for –

    *This statement has not been evaluted by the Food and Drug Administration.
    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

    How Quick Can You See Results?

    Once incorporated into your diet, this amazing iron supplement will bring visible results in phases.

    Within 30 days, you will see significant results.

    50 – 70% of ferritinemia and sydermia patients are affected by iron deficiency.

    These patients would experience major positive physiological benefits.

    Within 120 days, people who take IronCatch will find a significant increase in Hemoglobin.

    The extra Hemoglobin is created by anincrease in dietary iron absorption (7mg iron / 1000 Kcal in food) increases from 3 to 5 times with the supplement. ​

    Both Heme and Non-Heme Iron are absorbed regardless of an individual’s diet.

    How to use IronCatch®

    The best results can be observed if you take one tablet each day before the main meals. However, it is advised to discuss your dosage with the doctor before trying the supplement. Depending on your requirements, you may need up to 2 tablets per serving.

    While our body can initially adapt to the lower or higher iron quantity levels, there are specific Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for the element.

    Gender/Age Iron RDA
    Children 1-3 7 mg
    Children 4-8 10 mg
    Children 9-13 8 mg
    Males/14-18 11 mg
    Females/14-18 15 mg
    Males/19+ 8 mg
    Females/19-50 18 mg
    Females/51+ 8 mg

    Improve iron absorption

    Learn more about iron deficiency

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    Rapid Action


    All Natural

    No Side Effect

    No Side Effect


    Gluten Free

    On an average, daily Western diets contain 10-20mg of Iron of which only 5-10% is absorbed. So, most of the time, the iron deficiency is because of absorption problems and not lack of iron in the diet.

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