Iron deficiency

Top 5 fruits with high iron levels

Low levels of iron in the bloodstream, also known by its medical term as anemia, can cause serious health problems. Iron deficiency symptoms may include weakness, loss of skin tone and headaches. Higher iron deficiencies can bring about more severe symptoms, like shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, and heart arrhythmia. It is necessary then to take steps to raise the iron levels in the blood. 

When iron deficiency is detected in the body, there are plenty of remedies to cure it. Although many patients seek out medical help, others prefer to take a more natural approach and consume foods with high iron levels.

There is a great variety of foods out there that can help raise iron levels in your body, but if you prefer fruit, this article can direct you to a few with high iron levels.

How do I raise my iron levels?

If you notice iron deficiency symptoms in your body or your doctor determines you suffer from anemia, you should increase the consumption of fruits with high iron levels. This is a very natural way of supplying your body with the much-needed mineral. A pharmacist or a nutritionist at your local supermarket should be able to point you to the right produce. Read more about how to raise iron levels here.

5 Fruits with High Iron Levels

Although iron is a common mineral in the vegetable and fruit world, some fruits carry higher iron levels and, as a result, would be better to palliate iron deficiency symptoms. Here is a list of the top 5 fruits with high iron levels. There are many other fruits with high iron levels, but the ones listed here are considered to bring in the highest levels of iron daily value intake per serving.

passion fruit with high iron levels

1.     Apricot

Apricots, originally from Asia but widely cultivated in warm and dry climates today, are considered to contribute up to 42% daily value of iron per cup serving.

2.     Raspberries

Raspberries, which you can grow in your garden, is another popular fruit that can bring up to 9% daily value of iron content per cup serving.

3.     Blackberries

Also, in the berries family, blackberries can help with 7% of iron Daily Value.

4.     Passionfruit

Passionfruit, also known by its Spanish name of granadilla, can bring in a whopping 21% daily value of iron intake.

5.     Coconut

Dried coconut can also be included in this list and can provide up to a 7% daily value of iron.

IronCatch Supplement

Some people may suffer from low iron absorption, and raising iron levels for them might be difficult. When trying to increase your iron levels, consuming fruits that are high in iron should be done in combination with some supplements to help iron absorption.

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